Smile Design

Smile : ) Because everything starts with a smile

Those who project self-confidence often have a brilliant smile and aren’t afraid to show it. Having white, straight teeth can go a long way towards instilling that confidence in yourself. Those who don’t have good teeth often don’t show them when smiling and tend to hide behind a shy exterior than those who are proud of their smile.


Improving Your Smile

A great smile can be the most attractive feature of your face. A smile helps you express health, success, youth and sincerity. It is a great asset in your personal, business and social contacts. So it’s important that you are happy with how your smile looks. But if you are like many people, you may not be.


Your dentist has many different techniques to shape, sculpt, and make your smile more beautiful. With a few simple steps, you can have a smile you feel great about. And treatment may be more affordable than you think.

How can you achieve the smile you want?

There are many cosmetic dentistry procedures you can pursue that will help you gain the confidence you need.

Professional smile design

Dental whitening

Dental bonding

Cosmetic fillings

Veneers (lumineer)

Porcelain crowns and bridges

Gülüş Tasarımı – Gülüş Estetiği

Smile Design

When one of us looks at the mirror he or she can imagine the smile which dreams of. It is possible to achieve this smile with the dentist by applying cosmetic Dentistry. It is possible to design the perfect smile for the patient taking into consideration the patient’s age, Skin, lips, teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues.

It is possible to apply a smile design for everybody, but the smile that will be designed is usually suitable for the work field of the person.

The goal of an esthetic makeover is to develop a peaceful and stable system, where the teeth, tissues, muscles, skeletal structures and joints all function in harmony . It is very important that when planning treatment for esthetics cases, smile design cannot be isolated from a comprehensive approach to patient care. Achieving a successful, healthy and functional result requires an understanding of the interrelationship among all the supporting oral structures, including the muscles, bones, joints, gingival tissues and occlusion.

Do you like the way your teeth look?

Do you dislike the color of any of your teeth?

Are there spaces between your teeth?

Do you have any chips or cracks on your teeth?

Are you missing any teeth?

Do you have any crooked teeth?

Do you feel your teeth are too long or too short?

Are you pleased with the shapes and position of your teeth?

If your answers show that you might want a change in your smile , you have to ask your dentist so he will choose the right cosmetic solution for you.

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